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Les Flanagan opened Flanagan Butchers in Crawley Down during 1990 and the business has enjoyed continued growth ever since.























The shop and preparation area was enlarged and modernised in 2006 so we have space for more butchers and the front shop now provides space for a greater number of cabinets, enabling us to display hundreds of different products many of which are vacuum packed and pre-priced by us on site.





















We are proud to have received a 5 star hygiene rating every year since the rating started. Our aim is to continue to sell high quality meats. Where possible and in season we source from local farmers.






















We will not buy inferior products and because of our reputation we not only supply the

general public but also quality restaurants and pubs, nursing homes and several schools together with various clubs.



We are privileged to enjoy a fantastic reputation for the quality of our meats, range of products plus the friendliness and expertise of our staff.  Whilst we primarily serve those from the village, we have a great many customers who come from Crawley, East Grinstead, Horley and much further afield. 


The shop has received high praise over the years with articles appearing in the Meat Trades Journal and in local newspapers.


Can I just say your Flanagan sausages are the finest sausages I have ever eaten.  I live in Norfolk and I have family nearby.  Whenever we visit we stock up on 2-3 trays of these.  After a great summer consisting of lots of BBQs I kept being asked where did the bangers come from.  Keep up the good work and I look forward in stocking up ready for Xmas.” Emailed from John, Norfolk


We shop here because we don’t like the meat sold in supermarkets.  We have travelled 10 miles to get here – we heard about this butcher’s shop so we thought we’d try it.  I like the service, its good quality meat and it’s quite tender – we especially like the ham and the sirloin.  We probably come here once a month and we like to give the business to the independent butcher rather than the supermarkets”.  Mr & Mrs Sutton, Crawley – Meat Trades Journal


It’s a nice shop.  The quality is great – the service especially and, of course, the meat.  We come here mainly at the weekends to stock up.”  Mr & Mrs Palmer, Crawley Down – Meat Trades Journal


I prefer buying meat here than in the supermarkets – the meat is consistent and I know what I’m getting at the end of the day.”  Mrs Gould, Turners Hill – Meat Trades Journal


Having been into your establishment only twice your meat etc. looked of the highest quality, with staff service to match.  We cannot praise your products or service enough.  My wife normally purchases meat from high class establishments elsewhere in the country but yours matches them any day of the week.”  Emailed from Mr A P G, Crawley

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