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Although being a village butchers we have a large preparation area so we are able to prepare and supply a wide variety of meats and delicatessen produce.


We usually serve


Scotch or English Beef (local if possible)

Fresh English Lamb

Locally Farmed Pork

Fresh Farmed Chickens

Fresh Farmed English Rose Turkeys (farmed for flavour)

Appledore Bronze Turkeys (free range)


At no extra cost we can coat with any of the follwing flavours


Mint, Rosemary & Garlic, Italian Spicy

BBQ, Cajun, Hot & Spicy, Lime Sweet Chilli

Peppered, Lemon Peppered, Chinese, Tikka
















We also supply


  • A huge range of quality BBQ meats and special offer pack

  • 14 different varieties of sausages and 5 of burgers throughout the year;*

  • Special deals so you buy 4lb, you get 1lb free on a number of items;*

  • Economical packs including a Joint pack, Steak pack, and three different Mixed packs;*

  • A wide range of pies and quiches in different sizes - mini, individual, 1lb, 3lb & 5lb*

  • Various cheeses from the traditional to the more unusual;

  • Pickles and Preserves;

  • Quality Gravies, Stock and Cooking sauces;

  • Biltong and other specialist items;

  • Game (Pheasant, Partridge, Pigeon, Grouse, Rabbit, Wild Boar);

  • Venison (steaks, fillet, boned & rolled joint, boned & rolled loin joint, diced, sausages, burgers);

  • Kangaroo meat (to order)


Rump Steak.jpg
Shanks of Lamb.jpg
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Sirloin Steak.jpg
Racks of Lamb.jpg
Rolled Stuffed Breast of Lamb.jpg
Minted Lamb Leg Steaks.jpg
Lime Sweet Chilli Chicken Kebabs.jpg
Hot & Spicy Chicken Kebabs.jpg
Plain Pork Chipolatas.jpg
Plain Spare Ribs of Pork.jpg
Ox Tail.jpg
Flanagan's Special Herb Chipolatas.jpg
Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast.jpg
Leg of Lamb.jpg
Duck Breast.jpg
Flanagan's Special Herb Sauages.jpg
Chicken Supremes.jpg
BBQ Chicken Kebabs.jpg
Double Lamb Loin Chops.jpg
Blade of Pork.jpg
BBQ Spare Ribs of Pork.jpg
Fillet Steak.jpg
Chinese Spare Ribs of Pork.jpg
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