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We always have a busy summer trade as we have lots of items especially for the BBQ


Apart from sausages (14 different varieties) and burgers (5 different varieties), firm BBQ favourites are kebabs – chicken, steak, pork or lamb – with your choice of flavourings, the most popular being:-.

  • Lime Sweet Chilli

  • Hot & Spicy

  • BBQ

  • Chinese

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We have 10 different flavours to choose from.


Why not try something different – like a butterflied (opened out) leg of lamb – delicious on a BBQ!



Here are some of the products we sell in the BBQ season


















We also cater for large orders for many local fetes, the annual London to Brighton bike ride and other occasions for schools, pubs and clubs in the area – just give us a couple of days’ notice.


   We supply


  • A huge range of quality BBQ meats and special offer pack

  • 14 different varieties of sausages and 5 of burgers throughout the year;

  • Economical packs including a Joint pack, Steak pack, and three different Mixed packs;

  • A wide range of pies and quiches in different sizes - mini, individual, 1lb, 3lb & 5lb

  • Various cheeses from the traditional to the more unusual;

  • Pickles and Preserves;

  • Quality Gravies, Stock and Cooking sauces

  • Game - Pheasant, Partridge, Pigeon, Grouse, Rabbit, Wild Boar;

  • Venison (steaks, fillet, boned & rolled joint, boned & rolled loin joint, diced, sausages, burgers);

  • Kangaroo meat (to order)



A Hog Roast has become very popular.  We supply the whole pig and work closely with a firm who will cook and prepare it at your chosen venue, then one of their staff will carve it and serve it to your guests – for more information please call ‘Pigs Might Fly’ on 01342 716163 or 07834 762234.



Chinese Spare Ribs of Pork.jpg
Minted Lamb Leg Steaks.jpg
Lime Sweet Chilli Chicken Kebabs.jpg
Hot & Spicy Chicken Kebabs.jpg
Plain Spare Ribs of Pork.jpg
Flanagan's Special Herb Sauages.jpg
Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast.jpg
BBQ Spare Ribs of Pork.jpg
BBQ Chicken Kebabs.jpg
Double Lamb Loin Chops.jpg
Flanagan's Special Herb Chipolatas.jpg
Plain Pork Chipolatas.jpg
Rump Steak.jpg
Sirloin Steak.jpg
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