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Les Flanagan started his butchery career at the age of 15 and has over 45 years’ experience in the meat industry.  He is a fully qualified Master Butcher with an advanced hygiene certificate and has owned and run his own shop since 1990.
We currently have several full time staff most of whom have at least 20+ years in this industry.  It is usual for our butchers to stay with us many years, and some into their retirement.
We have employed local young adults who are still at school or college to assist in the evenings or Saturdays to clean up and perform various tasks; many of whom readily ask for additional work during the holiday periods. 
When we are particularly busy such as during the BBQ season or at Christmas we employ a number of university students, many come back year after year as most of them started with us when they were at school.
Two excellent and well respected retired butchers who used to work for us also help us out from time to time.


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