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Plain Chipolatas
Flanagan Special Herb Chipolatas


  • Plain Pork A full meaty pork, the traditional sausage


  • Italian Pork with chilli and coriander


  • Cumberland Coarse pork sausage in traditional single link. Perfect for breakfast


  • Pork and Apple Combination of pork, apple and herbs


  • Pork and Leek A blend of lean pork, spices and chopped leek


  • Award Winning Directors A blend of pork, honey and lemon


  • Pork and Herbs (Flanagan special) A pork sausage spiced with old English herbs


  • RedRow  Mix of lime and sweet chilli


  • Venison Mixed pork & venison, lovely rich sausage


  • Plain Pork Chipolata Lean pork, finely chopped to give a sausage with a smooth taste - a children's favourite


  • Minted Lamb  Marinated minted lamb sausage


  • Beef Sausage 100% British Beef sausage


  • Pork & Herb Chipolata Old English herbs mixed with finely chopped pork to give a smooth sausage


  • Cumberland Rings Coarse pork sausage Ring, perfected for breakfast

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