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Turkey Breast VS Turkey Crown



A turkey breast is just pure boneless breast meat sizes are from 5lb serving 6 people, to 10lb serving 16 people. 









  • There's no waste 

  • Easy to carve

  • Lower in cost

  • Can be picked up 4 days before chritmas

  • keeps in the fridge 5 days if vaccumm packed missing the big queues








  • It's not the traditional look

  • There's no thigh meat

  • Bone can add extra flavour when cooking 


A turkey crown is on the bone, it's a whole turkey that has had it’s legs carefully removed, though still giving the appearance of a complete bird. When ordering you will place an order for a whole turkey and the legs will be removed on the day of pick up.






  • It can look almost like a whole turkey

  • Added flavour from the bone







  • You have to pay for a whole turkey

  • A crown would be drier without the legs

  • Regular basting needed

  • Not as easy to carve as the turkey breast








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